Thursday, June 21, 2012

Game Project - Day 2

So my game project has turned into a quick lesson on advanced game modeling and animation...

My current vision for this game project is to take models and art work from League of Legends and develop my own fan-based game on a full custom game environment with XNA. However, Riot's file formats with their models are being a fairly difficult hurdle to overcome. As you can see below, I figured out how to import their base models and textures into a Maya 2012.

 The problems starts arising when I try to animate the models. Partly due to my lack of knowledge in this area, when I bind the skin of the model to the skeleton file and attempt to animate the model, the model tends to be completely warped and looks fairly hideous. Right now I am frustrated and annoyed at trying to figure out how to properly import and animate the model problem, but I know where the problem area is, so hopefully, it will be done soon.

It's now working! BIGGGG Shout out to LGG from the League of Legend community for the instruction on how to import the .skn and .skl properly!

**Note: Apparently XNA does not accept the skeleton structures of the LOL models, and this project has became more of a technical project than a game design project.**

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