Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game Project - Day 1

Since school is now over and I am officially unemployed, I started my game project developing a game on the XNA framework for my PC and the XBOX 360. The XNA framework is essentially a programming foundation for programming games easily for the Window PC and XBOX 360.

For this project, I bought myself a XBOX 360 controller. Being the Razer Fanboy that I am, I bought the Onza for about $10 more than I would have needed for a Microsoft controller. Razer <3

The Razer Onza - Tournament Edition
Surprisingly, I was extremely productive today. I learned quite a number of things right off the bat. Aside from figuring out how to create 2D sprite and animations. Knowing the arts and modeling aspect would be the most difficult portion of my project, I got the idea of taking models of my favorite game and developing a fan game on my favorite game - League of Legend. So begin the learning process for 3D in XNA as well as extracting League of Legend game content.

Unfortunately, this process is fairly complicated and requires a lot of conversion of data formats and re-rigging a lot of animations and textures from the file. This is mainly because XNA only accepts .fbx model types. After extracting that .skn from Riot Games' file archive, I then needed to convert the .skn to an .obj file, (at least that was the only conversion program I found), then I needed to convert that .obj file to a .fbx which XNA accepts. Finally, the result I got was this...

A model of Master Yi , but skinless

The problem is that the texture file is unbinded during the process, so, I would then need to recreate the relationship, after about 3 hours of searching and learning, I got my hands on a wonderful educational version of Autodesk Maya and 3D Max. (Thank you Autodesk <3), which allowed me to recreate these relationships and finally let me get something interesting done today. Here it is!

After 3 hours of dealing with Autodesk, I now
 have a skinned Master Yi floating in my own program

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