Monday, December 3, 2012

Master Yi : Practice Analysis & Suggestion

Master Yi

Master Yi - Riot Games (C)

Issues& Facts:

    • We can’t do major rework on him because it will break the feel of the character. We could introduce up to two new mechanics to the entire kit.
    • During Alpha Strike, Yi can’t be heal, does not receive buff (including his), can avoid non-targeted abilities. Can die during Alpha strike and not deal damage.
  • Double Strike
    • Double Strike only critical on first strike.
    • Double Strike actually takes longer than the normal attack animation (about 1.4 times longer) and you lose DPS late game.
  •  Alpha Strike:
    • The animation time is not consistent, proportional to the number of target and their distance
    • Target choice seems random, not sure because of skill description, why not closest targets
    • One of the slowest gap closer in the game!
  • Meditate:
    • The skill is undesirable, non-useful skill for the player. The skill doesn’t provide enough of an incentive for non-AP players to level this up. That is; the lower level doesn’t provide enough healing for the amount of time they are sitting there. (this is most important for Jungler)
    •  The cooldown of this skill is way too long for it to be effective in lane. Since Yi can’t trade well at top lane, and it is very expensive to sustain meditate constantly. (unless you are AP)
    • While using AP Yi there is little counter harass one can do against it, you’ll need a  Jungler to 2v1 him, unless the mid-lane has a stun/silence/suppression, it will be  difficult to kill him. ( 10:34
  • Wuju Style:
    •  Long cooldown (arguable, I think this leans toward the high side)


  • Don’t want to make Melee Carries feel become assassins by giving them much higher Damage output compared to Ranged Carries, but instead, we want them to have a way of staying within fights and lasting longer without becoming bruisers. (C1)
  • Don’t want to change the kit too much, and disrupt the builds and play style already in place for yi.
  • Alpha Strike
  •  Flashing an Alpha strike will let Yi follow you into turret, is this a desirable counterplay? Probably Yes, because Maokai does this too.
  • Meditate
  •  We can’t buff this in power, or this will make AP Yi broken
  •  Reference: Fiora’s Riposte: Parry a spell every 10/9/8/7/6 (not going to go over the whole kit comparison)


  • Need to eliminate randomness of jungle and find a consistent way to change alpha strike, without causing excessive clear speed, or lack of joy on creep clear. (lack of excitement for proc will probably to take the hit)
  • For Meditate, Decrease channel time and increase combat utility, while trading it for general healing purposes.
  • Scale Double Strike to Attack Speed


  • Alpha Strike
    • Alpha Strike now interacts with Double Strike – changing its skill description
      • From: “Master Yi strikes twice every 7th attack”
      • To: “After 7 auto-attack and Alpha Strike hit, Master Yi’s next auto attack will strike twice, or next Alpha Strike will deal bonus magic damage on its initial target.”
      • Alpha Strike deals additional 20% bonus damage to minion and monsters (Maybe, this one needs testing)
    • Remove random bonus damage to minion and monsters
    • Decreased animation time and is now consistent
    • Remove cast time
    • When double strike, the skill deals ( 100 + 50 * level ) bonus magic damage to its target. Monsters and minion takes x3 this amount damage.
    • Alpha Strike increases the Double Strike counter by the number of target it hits. The counter is increased before the damage is deal. If double strike is available during damage calculation, the buff is consumed and the counter is increased normally.
  • Meditate
    • Reduce Meditate’s cooldown from 35 seconds to 20 seconds(down 42.8%)
    • Reduce Meditate’s healing from 140X to 25 + 75X (increased lower level, decreased higher level)
    • Reduce Meditate AP ratio from 4.0 to 2.0 (+/- 0.3) (down 50%, removing edge cases and making more manageable sustain on AP build)
    • Reduce Meditate duration from 5 to 3 (or 4) seconds
    • Reduce Meditate’s Cost from 70/80/90/100/110 to 50/60/70/80/90 (down 28.6, 25.0, 22.2, 20.0, 18.2%)
    • Meditate now gives +10/15/20/25/30(or just a flat amount) Tenacity during channeling
    • Removed 0.2 second cast time

Friday, July 27, 2012

S.P.A.Z - Space Pirates and Zombies (and Bounty Hunters)

is a game by MinMax Games, that I bought from the summer Steam sales over last week for $2.49!

As of now I've had one complete play through and would like share my thoughs and comments about the game.


Overall, SPAZ is a top down space shooter. Highly skill orientated and action packed! There are 33 ships to build and over 70 upgrades to unlock. The story is very simple. Pretty much, you are a space pirate hunting for treasure and is going to smash your way, system by system, to the core of the galaxy looking for it.


  • Highly action packed
  • Controls are excellent for skill based space shooter, but a bit unintuitive 
  • Highly customizable choices and tech selection for your fleet of ships
  • Excellent core gameplay and mechanics, though a bit more content is needed to keep things interesting

They pretty mcuh nailed it for the space combat, it is fun and fairly exciting, however, there are still plenty of room for improvements. Pretty much for you would expect from a space shooter.


  • The AI controlled ships are horrible and often suicides during combat for no apparent reasons. The AI really needs to be self sufficient and on par, or slightly worst with the opponent AI, so that they do not become a big liability as the game goes on, as ship rebuilds cost resources. They essentially need an attack move / attack & retreat command
  • The tactic menu, intended to provide overall battle field control, breaks the flow of combat, along with the satisfactory AI control, it makes it impossible to pull of highly complicated movement on your fleet's ship.
  • Lacks replay-ability at higher difficulty level, essentially you are starting the game over with nothing and playing the same thing over again with no new content and challenges, except higher hitting enemies. 
  • game progression a bit too slow
  • very out of the mill story

As a space shooter, the game is a good. However, as a strategical action space shooter, there is a failure of implementation. The transition between combat controls and tactics is very clunky, and needs some improvement to make it more seamless and integrated as part of the action, instead of a pause and think moment in the game.

The game progression is also a bit slow, as fleet upgrade (more ships) comes very late, often much later then needed and feels a bit underwhelming when obtained. Often player needs to grind for ship upgrade prior the fleet hangar upgrade.

If I could make a suggestion to the game is to fit the current upgrade progression and make a "New Game+" mode, where player can take on a higher difficulty with existing upgrades, continuing to fight greater numbers and stronger ships. (like the way Diablo 3 is setup with their difficulty scaling).

Secondly, I would suggest multi-player option for this game if they were to make a new feature. Co-op campaign feature with this game would be great. Even for 2 players playing side by side.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Basic Map Drawing function completed! Here's a demo of a quick composition by the computer. It is nothing fancy, but it is certainly progress!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The fruit of five years of hard work and we have it! We have our rings and our diplomas!

I've made so many friends over the years and it is amazing how much people bond over these school projects. I still remembering meeting two random guys in year 2 in marketing whom happened to also be in Mechatronics, I would have never guys that these two guys would become one of my closest friends and peers during my stay at McMaster University. 

We can forget the time we spent days and night trying to push our capstone into the best possible level, most of which are actually spend in the hallway! Now we are at a cross road, guys are off to with their engineering job and I am off to chase after the game industry and game design. We have our passion and it is what we'll follow.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Game Project - Day 2

So my game project has turned into a quick lesson on advanced game modeling and animation...

My current vision for this game project is to take models and art work from League of Legends and develop my own fan-based game on a full custom game environment with XNA. However, Riot's file formats with their models are being a fairly difficult hurdle to overcome. As you can see below, I figured out how to import their base models and textures into a Maya 2012.

 The problems starts arising when I try to animate the models. Partly due to my lack of knowledge in this area, when I bind the skin of the model to the skeleton file and attempt to animate the model, the model tends to be completely warped and looks fairly hideous. Right now I am frustrated and annoyed at trying to figure out how to properly import and animate the model problem, but I know where the problem area is, so hopefully, it will be done soon.

It's now working! BIGGGG Shout out to LGG from the League of Legend community for the instruction on how to import the .skn and .skl properly!

**Note: Apparently XNA does not accept the skeleton structures of the LOL models, and this project has became more of a technical project than a game design project.**

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Game Project - Day 1

Since school is now over and I am officially unemployed, I started my game project developing a game on the XNA framework for my PC and the XBOX 360. The XNA framework is essentially a programming foundation for programming games easily for the Window PC and XBOX 360.

For this project, I bought myself a XBOX 360 controller. Being the Razer Fanboy that I am, I bought the Onza for about $10 more than I would have needed for a Microsoft controller. Razer <3

The Razer Onza - Tournament Edition
Surprisingly, I was extremely productive today. I learned quite a number of things right off the bat. Aside from figuring out how to create 2D sprite and animations. Knowing the arts and modeling aspect would be the most difficult portion of my project, I got the idea of taking models of my favorite game and developing a fan game on my favorite game - League of Legend. So begin the learning process for 3D in XNA as well as extracting League of Legend game content.

Unfortunately, this process is fairly complicated and requires a lot of conversion of data formats and re-rigging a lot of animations and textures from the file. This is mainly because XNA only accepts .fbx model types. After extracting that .skn from Riot Games' file archive, I then needed to convert the .skn to an .obj file, (at least that was the only conversion program I found), then I needed to convert that .obj file to a .fbx which XNA accepts. Finally, the result I got was this...

A model of Master Yi , but skinless

The problem is that the texture file is unbinded during the process, so, I would then need to recreate the relationship, after about 3 hours of searching and learning, I got my hands on a wonderful educational version of Autodesk Maya and 3D Max. (Thank you Autodesk <3), which allowed me to recreate these relationships and finally let me get something interesting done today. Here it is!

After 3 hours of dealing with Autodesk, I now
 have a skinned Master Yi floating in my own program

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Return from Diablo 3

I'm back! After much extended fun with Diablo 3, it's time to get back to work. Shall update you guys soon! If you are wondering, my battle tag is aaronmcli#1952.